Foundation Repair

We use the best diagnosis and results combined together

Foundation Repair is a normal homeowner’s concern. What is wrong with my foundation? What’s it going to cost me? Can I trust the company that I hired to provide lasting results? You’ve found your partner with Sillers Foundation Repair!

In the Midwest the soil tends to have heavy amounts of clay in it. Clay expands and contracts based on the weather conditions; during a drought, it contracts and conversely, rain and moisture brings expansion. This back and forth clay motion during the seasons can add excess pressure to the walls of your home’s foundation causing several issues.

Cracks in walls

Doors that stick

Cracks around Windows

Floors that sag

Drywall falling off the ceiling

If any of these signs sound familiar, give us a call for your free estimate. Our experts provide an honest evaluation of your home’s foundation and provide the best solution. 

Our proven methodology follows a 4-step wall straightening process. In the first step, we excavate the soil away from the wall to remove the pressure. Then we use a combination of 6×6 posts, bottle jacks and angle iron to correct the wall back to its original position. The second step involves installing our piers under the footing to bring it back to its correct position. Step three involves epoxy injecting the cracks and voids that are accessible. The fourth and final step is to install the wall bracing on the interior of the wall. These wall braces go from the footing beneath the wall up to the floor joists above and are structurally tied together.

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