Waterproofing Services

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Let’s face it, basements can be dark and damp places and ripe for unwanted moisture issues. Rain or groundwater can seep into your home, interior moisture sources can increase or present themselves at any time or an open a window in the basement can increase the humidity resulting in wall condensation.

The most common reasons for a moisture in your basement are:

Interior water leak

Poor grading around the foundation

Missing or ineffective gutters

Cracks in the foundation

Sump pump issues

Condensation on the walls

Sillers Foundation Repair employ several techniques to help you rid these types of problems quickly and efficiently for long-term solutions. We provide interior wall waterproofing, sump pump installation, and exterior waterproofing at the footing (French Drains – see below). The solution will depend on what the issue is, so give us a call for your free and expert estimate – we’re in this with you and we promise results.

French Drains

I’ve heard of a French Drain before, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. If you find yourself asking this question, let us provide some background for you. Water can accumulate near your foundation and cause damage to the structural integrity of your home. Eventually with no place to go, the water will “stand” and when this occurs, it opens the door for more expensive repairs down the road, not to mention unwanted mosquitos and disease. French drains can solve that problem for you.

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench that comes with a slotted or perforated grate that directs water away from your home’s foundation or unintended location on your yard. The drain allows water to seep thru the surface level of the gravel into the drain, blocking excess debris and eventually ends up in a more suitable place for drainage. The cool part of a French drain is that it collects water the entire length of the drain and not just in one spot. Diverting water away from your foundation helps protect the integrity of your foundation.

Sillers Foundation Repair will dig your trench, install a solid rock base and pipe to transfer the water elsewhere and help you solve the problem. Give us a call to let us share our knowledge and expertise in French drains; we’re excited to design a solution for you.

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